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About 5 Legal Recruitment

5 Legal Recruitment is one of the North West's leading legal recruitment agencies.  Covering the whole of the North West from Manchester and Liverpool to Chester and Preston, we take a specialist approach to recruiting the right candidate for the right job.

With an expert knowledge of the legal landscape, firms and departments we understand the needs of clients and prospective employees. We don’t just match experience and qualifications to vacancies; we align organisations and personalities for a mutually beneficial cultural fit. 

5 Legal Recruitment are not just experts in Private Practice and In House Legal recruitment but are also experts in hiring non legal, executive level jobs including Managing Directors,  CEO's, COO's, Operations Directors, Commercial Directors, Finance Directors and Marketing Directors.

We also offer a unique retained recruitment product for Clients which allows us to perfectly match candidates to jobs based on your specific requirements.

Call us now on 01257 429688 to find out more.

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