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We know how frustrating the blanket, one-size-fits-all methods of recruiters can be. If you’re seeking a personalised service from a specialist in your field, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide tailored solutions to people looking to hire or be hired for legal and executive-level positions. 


Are You Tired Of These Common issues:

  • Poor Service
  • Lack Of Information About Roles
  • Lack Of Feedback
  • Loss Of Control Throughout The Process
  • Being Contacted About Or Being Put Forward To Roles That Are Not Suitable
  • Having YOUR Time Wasted
  • Lack Of Trust Between Candidate And Agent 


Are You Continually Disappointed By:

  • Poor Service
  • Low Employee Retention Rates
  • Little Value For Money
  • Decreased Productivity
  • Having YOUR Time Wasted
  • Poor Quality Candidates
  • Lack Of Trust Between Client and Agent
  • Lack Of Communication


There’s always more than meets the eye to a job description and CV. That’s why we strive to create partnerships with our clients and candidates, employing a 5-step process that sets our long-term, progressive approach to recruitment apart.


1. Source

We invest the time into getting to know the business behind the vacancy, allowing us to draw up a detailed brief that will ensure we source the most suitable candidates from the start.

2. Shortlist 

We proactively search for the best people to match every role and business, before diligently working our way through each application. By talking to candidates in depth, we are able to narrow down the applicants into a powerful shortlist. 

3. Analyse

For our retained service, we provide far more than just a CV for clients to assess potential employees by. We combine psychometric testing with our detailed knowledge of candidates to help employers make an informed decision. 

4. Interview

This is where the personality, competency and overall suitability of the candidate can truly be determined. We guide this process by providing information to form the basis of questions, with a focus on the practical and cultural fit of the prospective employee.

5. Hire

By following a clear process, we ensure that the final step is a successful placement. Our forward-thinking approach to recruitment is designed to maximise retention rates and improve productivity.

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